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And so I find myself entering the wild, wicked world of self-publishing a little later than I expected. I am a long-time advanced computer user with a keen interest in the diy aspect of the internet, but to this point have been mostly a casual observer of all things web.

No more!

I envision this blog running the gamut of personal observation:

interesting events and people, strange and new experiences, thoughts, and ideas, all with an odd and sometimes inappropriately-timed sense of humour.

Basically, an outward expression of the long-running story inside my head, but with rss feeds.

I look forward to connecting with and learning about all you cool folks out there in interwebland. You with your own whacky, unpredictable, fascinating minds. In this sense, my blog is an invitation to meet you. So comment, communicate, share, and let’s make the world go round.

Finally, this blog is a test of my ability to commit to diarizing and sharing what I see and hear with the rest of the world. I suppose at first nobody really knows how they’ll react to placing themselves and their ideas at the mercy of so many others all at once.

Only one way to find out!

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