It really is amazing how much time can be sunk into into a website without seeing a whole lot change on the surface.

One week ago I was a mild-mannered internet user, whose biggest presence on the internet was a bunch of webmail accounts at different services. Now I find myself with my own domain. An integrated part of the network. A node.

Now, no delusions of grandeur here, this blog is hardly driving the web by itself, but it does represent a very different way of interacting with the network as a whole… and the extra involvement can be highly time consuming.

I confess to being more than a bit of a freak n’ geek here. I’ve always had a fascination with tweaking the finer details, flicking all the switches to see what they do. But this weekend has been a little ridiculous… setting up secure network drives to my hosting account, reorganising my email, and yes, extending my browser… into the wee hours of the morning.

The funny thing is, the only thing I’ve managed to change on the face of this blog is the colour of the title bar.

At least all of this exploration and configuration has taught me a bit more about my computer system and how it communicates with the internet. I’m banking that this ground work and the experience it brings will pay off in the long run.

But without sleep, I’m a wreck away from this terminal and around others.

I wonder if there’s a tranquilizer extension for Firefox…?

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3 Responses to “Sleep”

  1. Erron says:

    Nice site very minimalistic… Look forward to the info presented through your rss feeds…

  2. kstarr says:

    i like the red! “tranquilizer extension for firefox” appropriate! now that’s a concept…computer prescriptions! yikes!
    in response to your write up on “sleep”, i bid you goodnight. :0

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