Over a month!


My little blog is over a month old this week!

It’s been fun exploring the bounds of keeping a public journal…

what can I say… but won’t?
what can’t I say… but will?

One of the great things about my site is that it’s got me writing again. Writing is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and practice critical thinking.

Here’s to a good start and a long, fun future of seanhill.ca!

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2 Responses to “Over a month!”

  1. fern says:

    hello brother dear – have had time to sit down and read your blog. what a nice way to catch up (seeing as we are not so good with those ancient forms of communication like the telephone and email!). just wanted to say that i can’t remember when the last time was that i read any of your writing, and am oh so impressed with your clarity and ability to communicate sometimes complex ideas – hurrah! looking forward to more entries….

  2. sean says:

    thanks fern!

    yes, now that we’ve passed beyond those “ancient forms of communication” this internet thing does provide for some interesting ways of communicating and keeping up. in some ways this is like a public notice board in the square (moderated, of course). it’s kind of fun to come along after awhile and see if someone’s left us a note

    funny, i saw someone today on a little handheld device and she was so intensely at the little keyboard, back and forth with someone else. but even with all the possibilities of being available… right now… always, i find myself more and more appreciating the ability to screen my phone calls and be available off and on. and you know how much i’ve always loved little gadgets with lots of buttons!

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