Blog action day 2007

Today is blog action day and I thought I should join in with the last hours of the day waning.

The subject for mass action is the environment. As I’ve mentioned previously , I’ve been involved in getting the Vancouver chapter of Free Geek off the ground. This innovative venture has been “helping the needy get nerdy” by taking in old computer hardware and either making it useful or recycling it responsibly. It’s an organisation that celebrates the power of the collection of individual actions toward a greater goal.

And it’s been taking off!

I spent a great deal of time away over the summer and missed out on Free Geek’s early days in its first home. It’s amazing what a solid location can do for the credibility of an organisation. Since moving into its digs at 2nd and Quebec, Free Geek has been attracting attention and making moves. The place is nearly brimming to the rafters with equipment and volunteers are hard at work dismantling and testing.

People are genuinely excited when they hear what’s being done to deal with the issue of electronic waste and how one person’s garbage can be an economic engine to another.

Let’s see more of these homegrown initiatives to find value in the detritus of our previous excesses. We only have so many resources to throw into our wasteful ways. At some point we’re going to have to face what we’ve actually made.

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