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Do drink the water

Friday, October 15th, 2010

This year’s Blog Action Day topic is water. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to share how grateful I am to have access to some of the world’s best drinking water.

But first, I want to talk about phones. Have you noticed the disappearance of public telephones? And how the remaining ones are falling into serious disrepair? This is a direct result of the migration to cel phones for those who can afford it. The fact that more and more of us don’t use public telephones allows them to vanish and fall into disrepair. As we use them less, the phone companies uninstall them to save money, while our lowered awareness of the remaining phones leads to less maintenance.

The ones who lose out are the economically disadvantaged. If you can’t afford a cel phone then you get to use the public phone a mile away if it wasn’t destroyed or barfed on by the last user. Complaining won’t do much good either as the phone company doesn’t see them as much of a profit opportunity anymore. Economic disadvantage leads to communication disadvantage while the wealthy move on to greener pastures.

What, you may wonder, does this have to do with water? It’s simple, the best way to protect the water supply is to drink from it. (more…)

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

I’m very happy to see my good friend kstarr getting into the blogging swing with her first post at

I’ve got a thing about getting blogs going for people who have something to say. Some people simply have a lot to share with the world but no great outlet.

I’ve wanted kstarr to get blogging for some time now but it’s taken this long to get her set up properly. kstarr is a great writer who looks at the world through a spiritual/energetic lens. She is a trained herbalist with an incredible sense of compassion and I look forward to reading her view of things.

I can’t wait until she gets her second blog going for her business at!

Blog action day 2007

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Today is blog action day and I thought I should join in with the last hours of the day waning.

The subject for mass action is the environment. As I’ve mentioned previously , I’ve been involved in getting the Vancouver chapter of Free Geek off the ground. This innovative venture has been “helping the needy get nerdy” by taking in old computer hardware and either making it useful or recycling it responsibly. It’s an organisation that celebrates the power of the collection of individual actions toward a greater goal.

And it’s been taking off!


Over a month!

Sunday, October 8th, 2006


My little blog is over a month old this week!

It’s been fun exploring the bounds of keeping a public journal…

what can I say… but won’t?
what can’t I say… but will?

One of the great things about my site is that it’s got me writing again. Writing is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and practice critical thinking.

Here’s to a good start and a long, fun future of!


Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

It really is amazing how much time can be sunk into into a website without seeing a whole lot change on the surface.

One week ago I was a mild-mannered internet user, whose biggest presence on the internet was a bunch of webmail accounts at different services. Now I find myself with my own domain. An integrated part of the network. A node.


How to blog…

Friday, September 1st, 2006

And so I find myself entering the wild, wicked world of self-publishing a little later than I expected. I am a long-time advanced computer user with a keen interest in the diy aspect of the internet, but to this point have been mostly a casual observer of all things web.

No more!

I envision this blog running the gamut of personal observation:

interesting events and people, strange and new experiences, thoughts, and ideas, all with an odd and sometimes inappropriately-timed sense of humour.

Basically, an outward expression of the long-running story inside my head, but with rss feeds.

I look forward to connecting with and learning about all you cool folks out there in interwebland. You with your own whacky, unpredictable, fascinating minds. In this sense, my blog is an invitation to meet you. So comment, communicate, share, and let’s make the world go round.

Finally, this blog is a test of my ability to commit to diarizing and sharing what I see and hear with the rest of the world. I suppose at first nobody really knows how they’ll react to placing themselves and their ideas at the mercy of so many others all at once.

Only one way to find out!