3 Sides!

3-sides Completed on Rubik's CubeWell it’s only been 2 months since I managed to get 2 sides complete on my Rubik’s Cube. I’ve been leaving it out around my house so my roomies can play with it so every time I come around it’s in a different state than I left it.

I’ve managed to get 2 sides about 6-7 times altogether but I’m still not entirely certain of why. I keep having theories that don’t seem to work the next time! I have been finding some interesting algorithms along the way.

And then wham! Today I just managed to get 3 sides complete all around one corner. I’m not sure how useful this is really as a progression towards a completed cube. Different suggestions I’ve heard of how to go about finishing a cube don’t really mention this as a midway stage, but it’s still pretty exciting. It also feels like I’m slowly developing a deeper understanding of how the puzzle works and I love watching my mind try to narrow down the logic.

3-sides of a Rubik's Cube (incomplete)Taking a picture of my achievement made me realise that it’s difficult without mirrors to prove from a picture that a cube is solved. Here I include a photo of the reverse side where you can see that the remainder is still unsolved.

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  1. Kstarr says:

    good job!!! congratulations!

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