This is the personal weblog of me… Sean Hill.

Born and raised in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, I’ve had a longstanding love-hate relationship with technology and computers in general. I’ve been:

  • a student
  • an actor
  • a fisherman
  • a bartender
  • a traveller
  • a banker

This site represents my first foray into the wide world of self-publishing. Mostly a public journal, it will be updated with my thoughts and observations of the world that passes before my eyes. Call it…


Whatever you call it, it’s mine, and I aim to be honest.

Some of my interests are:

  • meditation
  • computers – programming, internet, etc.
  • drumming and making music
  • community development and social equity
  • cooking
  • movie making
  • and on and on…

This weblog is open for discussion. So please, comment and communicate!

sean 🙂

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